Member’s Pick: Lisa’s Favourite Channels

By Lisa Stirling

My Three Favourite YouTube Channels

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging funk so I want to share with you all today my three favourite YouTube channels. Please let me know what you think of my choices in the comments and let me know what channels you are loving at the moment.

I just realized that all my three are UK based… Coincidence?
(I do love a good British accent.)

(I have a YouTube Channel too but I have no freaking clue what I am doing.)

John Kuckian

I think John is so talented, intelligent and absolutely hilarious.  I am not into beauty gurus but I love the drama, it’s like a guilty pleasure and just mindless entertainment.

Subscribe to John Kuckian Here.

My fav video from him… You might not get it but if you do  🙂


Subscribe to Top5’s Here.

Entertaining and educational,  this channel just tickles my fancy.   From conspiracy theories, the paranormal to factual scientific space shit, I cannot get enough.

My fav video from Top5’s:


The Michalaks

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They aren’t special and they don’t claim to be. What they are is a real, approachable, down to earth family, who make awesome vlogs.  The sarcastic humor of Stef and Hannah keeps me coming back for more  – they share Grayson’s moments in a way that is respectable and not invasive and I dig that.

My favourite video from them:

This post originally appeared on Lisa’s blog – No Filter Mum – and was published here with her permission.

Based in Auckland, Lisa Stirling is a blogger and mum of three. A lover of cats and memes, Lisa shares her honest thoughts on parenting, plus-size fashion, and her personal experiences with both autism and dementia.
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