Nicole Galuszka: PLAYer of the Month

By Fern Paulussen

Nicole Galuszka (and family) – ArchAndTori G

She’s new to YouTube, but self-proclaimed introvert Nicole is already making waves. Launching her channel, Arch and Tori G, back in April as a way of documenting lasting memories for her family, Nicole quickly discovered that feeling awkward in front of the camera was just one of the challenges she was about to face.

So what exactly inspired a shy person like Nicole to start vlogging, and why is she refusing to quit? Well, I’ll let her answer that…

An Interview with Nicole of Arch and Tori G

You’re a full-time mum to four-year-old Archer and two-year-old Victoria, and you work part-time as a teacher. What made you decide to fit YouTube into your already busy life, and how did you get started?

After watching a few other families on YouTube I thought about how neat it was to have those memories. I would love to have been able to see a snippet of my life growing up, what our house looked like etc, so in April 2017 I created our channel and posted a sort of test video.

I filmed and edited a vlog of my kids at the park entirely on my phone. I was so excited to upload it and remember thinking you see so much more watching it back than you do when you are living in the moment. This is still something I think when I upload my videos!

You consider yourself a bit of an introvert, which would probably surprise people who only know you from YouTube. What else can you tell us about yourself?

People who know me well say I have a wicked and unexpected sense of humour once you get to know me – I guess I’m just a bit guarded to begin with.

I am a trained primary school teacher and have taught for 10 years, teaching all levels: new entrant up to intermediate. I gave up my full time teaching job when I had Archer but I’m in a contract job at the moment teaching a day a week, which is a perfect balance for me!

I enjoy reading when I have the time (and I’m not too tired), and I also make an effort to exercise a few times a week for my mental well being just as much as physical. [My family and I] love the outdoors and make a focus on giving our kids experiences rather than things.

Your channel is still relatively new, but you’ve already faced some challenges. What are they, and what is it that pushes you to keep uploading?

[Aside from] dealing with [some negative] feedback from family and friends, I think the biggest challenge is being consistent. Editing takes a bit of time and I feel if I’m not strict with myself about getting videos up then days (or weeks) go by without me uploading anything.

I [also] feel awkward watching myself when editing etc. I have picked up on some strange mannerisms I never knew I had! It’s funny, I have no problem standing up and talking in front of a whole school assembly of 300 kids, but don’t feel very confident in front of a whole lot of adults, and I guess knowing my videos are out there for anyone to see puts me off a bit!

But I would like to see my channel grow, [because] it would be neat to start interacting more with others, and to just continue documenting memories for my family to look back on.  I love watching other YouTubers, and the fact that all our lives are so different. Hopefully I can inspire others with preschool ideas or at least just entertain with snippets of our day to day life. I really like vlogging and making videos. I find it so much fun!

What, if anything, has YouTube taught you? Do you have any advice for anyone considering starting their own channel?

[I’ve learned] that everyone is different and different things appeal to others. You just have to concentrate on you and your channel and do what you enjoy.

Arch and Tori G is a family lifestyle channel featuring vlogs, hauls, and tips and inspiration for parents. Like many small YouTubers, Nicole’s highest viewed video is a grocery haul..!

Check out Nicole’s first ever family vlog below, and if you like what you see make sure you subscribe to her channel. You can also find her on Instagram, Snapchat (@nicgaluszka), or over on her blog, Arch and Tori.

About the author: Fern Paulussen is a lifestyle bloggervlogger, mother of four, and the director of PLAY NZ. Based in the Waikato, Fern loves Netflix, coffee, and chickens. You can learn more about Fern by visiting her website, or subscribing to her YouTube channel.

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