Vlogging Tips for Beginners

By Fern Paulussen

With well over 10,000 subscribers, and years of vlogging experience under her belt, you’d have to be foolish not to take Jen Morris’ YouTube advice. Her channel, A Thousand Words, has been growing like crazy this year, so when I saw her video on Vlogging Dos and Don’ts I instantly knew how helpful her tips would be; especially for those who are new to the YouTube scene.

I’ve embedded Jen’s video below, but if you’d prefer to skim read the main points, I’ve gone ahead and summarised them for you (with Jen’s permission, of course). Hopefully you’ll learn a little something!

Jen Morris
Jen Morris – A Thousand Words

Jen’s Top Vlogging Tips

1. Turn your phone on its side when you’re filming.
Landscape is good, portrait is bad. No one wants to watch a video with big black bars on either side of the screen.

2. Look into the camera lens, not at yourself.
I know exactly how tempting it is to stare at yourself in the display screen when filming, but eye contact with your viewers is actually really important.

3. Avoid using filler words.
So. And um. Yeah. Anyway. Just focus on what you’re trying to say and say it!

4. Don’t comment on others’ videos just to promote your own videos.
Sub4Sub is pretty much the lamest and most annoying thing you could ever leave as a comment. Just don’t.

5. Don’t let nerves stop you.
Editing is a wonderful thing. You never have to include anything in your vlogs that you’re not comfortable with, so there’s really no reason to feel nervous.

6. Practice.
Just like any other art form, the only way to get better at vlogging is to practice.

7. Think before you film.
Have at least an idea of what you want to say before you pick up the camera. If you’re filming it should be for a reason, otherwise you’re just wasting your viewers’ time.

8. Remember: YouTube is NOT live television.
Don’t put any pressure on yourself to be perfect. The option to re-film, edit and/or cut clips out completely is always there.

9. Be yourself.
It’s a lot harder for people watching to connect with you if they don’t feel like they’re seeing the real you. Your channel is about your life, and that means you don’t have to pretend to be anything you’re not!

10. Get a second battery for your camera.
There’s nothing worse than desperately wanting to film something and then realising your camera battery has gone flat. Investing in a second battery means you’ll never have that problem.

If you enjoyed Jen’s tips, make sure you go and subscribe to her channel. You can also find Jen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About the author: Fern Paulussen is a lifestyle bloggervlogger, mother of four, and the director of PLAY NZ. Based in the Waikato, Fern loves Netflix, coffee, and chickens. You can learn more about Fern by visiting her website, or subscribing to her YouTube channel.


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