Jess Hill: PLAYer of the Month

By Fern Paulussen

Jess Hill and her fiance, Trav – JessChillinAbout

I am ridiculously happy to name Jess Hill from JessChillinAbout as the PLAYer of the month for December. Without a doubt, Jess is one of the most active and supportive members of the PLAY NZ team, participating in almost every collaboration and group playlist we put together. And, because she was the only person to volunteer to organise our Secret Santa Box Swap for this year, I definitely think Jess has earned the right to be celebrated.

We’ll be sharing every video Jess uploads this month over on our Facebook page (and yep, she’s doing vlogmas!), but I do recommend you go and subscribe to either her channel or our channel (or both). Her lifestyle vlogs are well worth checking out. Continue reading “Jess Hill: PLAYer of the Month”

November Highlights | PLAY NZ

By Fern Paulussen

November is one of those months that people tend to wish away. As soon as November 1st rolls around it’s all, OMG Christmas is coming! And while I’m definitely guilty of thinking that way myself, does knowing that the silly season will be kicking off next month mean we shouldn’t appreciate November for what it is? I say no. No! Instead of telling ourselves that this month just needs to end already, let’s celebrate November by taking a look at the PLAY NZ highlights. Continue reading “November Highlights | PLAY NZ”

Life as a YouTuber: It’s Lonely

By Fern Paulussen

I posted this on Instagram the other day.

I was tagged practically forever ago by @thingswhatilove to share #20thingsaboutme So. Here are 20 things. 1. I am lazy. Like really, really lazy. 2. I spend a ridiculous amount of time wishing for change instead of making changes. 3. I hate social media because it makes me feel needy and awkward; pointless posts that were clearly made just to try and "engage" people make me so angry. 4. I'm just a generally angry person tbh. 5. I hate losing. 6. I often feel like I'm losing. 7. I wish I could have more babies just because I love naming babies. 8. I would love to make a career out of YouTube, but I don't see it ever happening. 9. YouTube makes me feel lonely. 10. I have always been impulsive and I am equal parts grateful and resentful that my husband and kids prevent me from making impulsive decisions. 11. My grandparents passed away last year and I dream about them all the time. 12. My dreams are so vivid that I often wake up and don't know what's real and what's not. 13. The only times I've been able to sing without fear as an adult were the times I was high on drugs. 14. Yeah, I used to do a lot of drugs. 15. I love wearing glasses and feel naked without them. 16. I hate wearing glasses because they slip down my nose and my kids are constantly smearing them with their grubby kiddy fingers. 17. I'm too scared to find out how big my student loan is – it's interest free so I'm not even going to think about it until I start earning money. 18. I can't look at the horizon or the sky for too long or I start to freak out. Everything is so big and I am so small. 19. I swear way more than I should. 20. I fucking hate typing on my phone and I'm pretty surprised I stuck with this! Okay I'm done. I tag @myfavouriteshus @ivfmummavlogs @jesschillinabout @bigtinylife

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Excuse the swears (if you’re a person who’s offended by swears), but it took me forever to type all that out on my stupid phone. Also I wasn’t in the best mood. Also, I wasn’t kidding when I shared that 19th thing. But anyway.

Linda (who is a person I consider to be a friend despite the fact I’ve never actually met her) left a comment on that post on Instagram. The comment included a question that I found interesting.

Here’s (some of) what she said:

It’s so sad that youtube makes you feel lonely, is it because you talk to a screen? It’s quite trippy when I think about it; us viewers feel connected when we watch you, but you prob end up feeling disconnected?

Continue reading “Life as a YouTuber: It’s Lonely”

Fitting It All In

By Nicole Galuszka

I am fairly new to the YouTubing world. I started my channel in April this year, but it’s only the past two months I’ve started posting regularly.

There are days when I ask myself, ‘Am I crazy to be adding this to my already busy life?’ and ‘Can i put my “all” into this and make my channel what I envision it to be?’ Continue reading “Fitting It All In”

Vlogging Tips for Beginners

By Fern Paulussen

With well over 10,000 subscribers, and years of vlogging experience under her belt, you’d have to be foolish not to take Jen Morris’ YouTube advice. Her channel, A Thousand Words, has been growing like crazy this year, so when I saw her video on Vlogging Dos and Don’ts I instantly knew how helpful her tips would be; especially for those who are new to the YouTube scene. Continue reading “Vlogging Tips for Beginners”

Nicole Galuszka: PLAYer of the Month

By Fern Paulussen

Nicole Galuszka (and family) – ArchAndTori G

She’s new to YouTube, but self-proclaimed introvert Nicole is already making waves. Launching her channel, Arch and Tori G, back in April as a way of documenting lasting memories for her family, Nicole quickly discovered that feeling awkward in front of the camera was just one of the challenges she was about to face.

So what exactly inspired a shy person like Nicole to start vlogging, and why is she refusing to quit? Well, I’ll let her answer that…

Continue reading “Nicole Galuszka: PLAYer of the Month”

The Secret to Sharing YouTube Videos on Facebook

By Fern Paulussen

We all know that the key to getting our content seen is to share it far and wide. But have you ever noticed that when you promote your YouTube videos on Facebook little, if anything, seems to come of it? Yeah, it’s not just you. In fact, it’s an issue for almost all YouTubers. So, in the interest of supporting my fellow creators, I thought I’d share everything (which admitedly isn’t much) I’ve learned about sharing my uploads on my FB fan page. Continue reading “The Secret to Sharing YouTube Videos on Facebook”

The Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Collaborations

By Fern Paulussen

There’s no denying that collaborating with other content creators can be a lot of fun. With the potential to draw in new viewers and gain subscribers, getting involved in collaborations is definitely a good idea. There are, however, some things you should – and should not – be doing when it comes to collaborating. And with the latest PLAY NZ collab. just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to share a few of the dos and don’ts I’ve picked up along the way…  Continue reading “The Dos and Don’ts of YouTube Collaborations”

How to Grow your YouTube Channel

By Selina Ryan

Grow your Channel with MorningFame

Want to grow on YouTube? This easy to use tool can help you do just that.

The number one question from practically all new or small YouTubers is, “How do I grow my channel?”

Researching and watching YouTube videos about how to grow your channel quickly and easily is a great start. There are a lot of videos out there with solutions… BUT they only work if YOU put the time and effort into it. Continue reading “How to Grow your YouTube Channel”