Kerrin Maclean
content creator, author & mentor/advocate


Kerrin Maclean

Channel Name: AspieAnswersAll
Channel Genre: Lifestyle, Health & Wellness

Kerrin says:

I’m a young passionate woman who strives to do her best despite the everyday struggles and challenges that I face. I don’t let Aspergers Syndrome and other conditions that comes with it get in the way of my life by affecting me or ruling my life. I’m all about rectifying and removing the stigma and stereotyping about Aspergers and other mental health issues. As you can see when you visit my channel that it should  cater to everyone  for all ages.

I also have written a book and am on my way to writing another part of it and it is called “Life of an Aspie- Looking into Everyday Life of Aspergers Syndrome”. I have described in painstaking detail what it is like to grow up and live with Aspergers Syndrome while providing good advice for those who may not be familiar with the condition and for those who have children who suffer lives with it. This is a must-read for all. You can check these sites out of my book at Amazon and Lulu.

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